40-hour Advocate Training Courses for 2020 TBD

DOVE Center provides a 40-hour certication training twice per year to certify volunteers who are interested in working with survivors of domestic violence, rape and sexual assault (DVRSA). This training provides a foundation for victim advocacy and is required for anyone working directly with survivors within our organization. The training includes an introduction to the dynamics of DV/RSA as well as broader education on trauma, crisis intervention, rape culture, active listening and other advocacy-specific skills.

This training ultimately provides the tools advocates need to better facilitate victim assistance, agency collaboration, and a greater understanding of the impact of domestic abuse and sexual violence in our communities.

We also offer additional advocate training to focus more heavily on sexual assault crisis response. The Utah Confidential Communications Act requires that sexual assault advocates have forty hours of sexual assault specific advocacy training. Conversations with victims or alleged victims are privileged only if the advocate has completed forty hours of sexual violence specific training. We collaborate with local and regional care personnel to provide our Sexual Assault Counselor Training. The training is available to advocates, law enforcement, health care providers, clergy, and the general public.

The training was carefully developed with input from all sexual violence advocates and programs across the state. More specifically, this course offers the following benefits:

  • Meets the requirements outlined in the Utah Confidential Communications Act and requirements set forth by Utah’s funding agencies.
  • Supports attendees in recognizing and combating bias – both explicit and implicit.
  • Empowers attendees to maintain the dignity of victims.
  • Supports attendees in encouraging victim’s self-advocacy and personal decision making throughout the response processes.
  • Situates each participant within their role as an advocate and reinforces their responsibility to the agency, its clients, and to victims.
  • Certifies volunteers, staff, and community allies as sexual assault advocates – allowing for privileged, confidential communications with clients.

Training sessions are held over a 14-day stretch in a location TBD. Questions? Let us know here.