For volunteers who are interested in working with survivors of domestic violence,

rape and sexual assault:

The Utah Domestic Violence Coalition Offers Core Advocacy Training (CAT)

Core Advocacy Training (CAT) is a 40-hour training that details the skills and knowledge necessary to support and empower survivors of domestic and sexual abuse, stalking, and human trafficking.

CAT Overview

Divided into ten modules (three-four hours in length), CAT covers a wide range of core topics specific to domestic/intimate partner violence and sexual assault:

  • Overview and history
  • Trauma-focused care
  • Survivor confidentiality
  • Victim advocacy in practice
  • Civil and criminal justice response
  • Dynamics of abuse
  • Behavioral health factors
  • Safety planning
  • Response to high risk situations
  • Essential resources

CAT content has been developed, and is delivered, by a range of subject matter experts and highly experienced advocates. The material is presented through a variety of media and includes activities, role plays, and self study sections to assist participants engage with and retain the material.

Recommended Attendees

Advocates in need of basic domestic/intimate partner violence training and professionals whose work involves supporting survivors should attend CAT.

Training Dates

CAT is offered virtually through Zoom throughout the year and sessions may take place over a one-week period or staggered over a period of months/weeks. The training is free to the public but registration is required. For registration information, visit:

The Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault Offers Sexual Assault Counselor Training

The professionalism and expertise of sexual assault advocates are essential to
maintaining clients’; privacy. The Utah Confidential Communications Act requires that sexual assault advocates have forty hours of sexual assault specific advocacy training.

Conversations with victims or alleged victims are privileged only if the advocate has completed forty hours of sexual violence specific training. We collaborate with local and regional care personnel to provide our Sexual Assault Counselor Training. The training is available to advocates, law enforcement, health care providers, clergy, and the general public. Our training team includes legal, medical, and human services professionals who facilitate each topic alongside our trained and dedicated staff.

Our training was carefully developed with input from all sexual violence advocates and programs across the state. More specifically, this course offers the following benefits:

  • Meets the requirements set forth in the Utah Confidential Communications Act and
    requirements set forth by Utah’s funding agencies.
  • Gives attendees information and tools to understand the role of sexual violence advocates.
  • Supports attendees in recognizing and combating bias – both explicit and implicit.
  • Empowers attendees to maintain the dignity of victims.
  • Supports attendees in encouraging victim’s self-advocacy and personal decision making throughout the response processes.
  • Situates each participant within their role as an advocate and reinforces their responsibility to the agency, its clients, and to victims.
  • Certifies volunteers, staff, and community allies as sexual assault advocates – allowing for privileged confidential communications with clients.

Training Dates

The Sexual Assault Counselor training is offered virtually through Zoom throughout the year and sessions may take place over a one-week period of 8 hour days or Monday-Thursday for two weeks of 4 hour evenings and two Saturday mornings. If you have specific questions about the Sexual Assault Counselor Training, please contact [email protected] 801.746.0404 ext. 706 or [email protected] 801.746.0404 ext. 700. For registration information for upcoming training sessions, visit: