Counseling and Support Groups

Photo by Annie Vandermyde Photo by Annie Vandermyde

DOVE Center provides trauma-informed counseling to survivors of domestic abuse, sexual assault or rape, dating violence, and stalking at no charge. We provide counseling to adults, children, and teens. Our counselors provide therapy to minimize re-victimization, facilitate healing, emphasize individual choice, and strengthen personal boundaries and privacy. This enables survivors to learn and utilize practical tools to cope with and heal from the effects of trauma caused by abuse and violence.

Developing a strong support system is one key to establishing independence. To facilitate that, DOVE offers weekly support groups to adult female survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. These groups are available to both English and Spanish speakers. The group setting is a place to learn more about the dynamics of domestic and sexual violence and provide support to other survivors of abuse. DOVE offers a weekly youth program as well to facilitate a more healthy recovery for children exposed to domestic violence. A variety of closed therapy groups are also available.

For information about time and location of community support groups, please call 435-628-1204.