Welcome to DOVE Center at Erin's House

DOVE Center at Erin's House DOVE Center at Erin's House

Hello and welcome to our site! You've been redirected here because earlier this year Don and Sue Kimball, founders of the Erin Kimball Memorial Foundation, decided to retire. The Kimballs' dedication to supporting survivors of domestic violence has helped hundreds of individuals regain their footing and find hope after leaving abuse. Understandably, they didn't want Erin's story, nor the valuable housing services the foundation provided, to go away due to their retirement. DOVE Center and EKMF have worked closely together for many years, collaborating to support local individuals and families escaping domestic abuse. So when Don and Sue decided to explore life in greener pastures, it seemed only natural for DOVE to take on the foundation's transitional housing program. This change benefits our entire community, especially survivors of abuse. With this change, DOVE can now offer a more complete continuum of care to clients, helping survivors achieve safe, empowered, independent living. And the Kimballs can have peace of mind knowing that DOVE is a capable and well-loved community resource to carry their mission forward. We are honored to have this opportunity and responsibility.

If you are not familiar with DOVE Center, we invite you to take a look around our website and visit us on Facebook. And please take a minute to  watch this video; it tells the story of our coming together and will warm your heart.

To make a donation in support of housing and other survivor services, please click here. We look forward to meeting you. Thank you for visiting.