Counseling and Support Groups

Healing from the impact of abuse/assault trauma is a journey, and therapy is individualized to each client based on their needs and goals. Our licensed clinical therapists have specialty training to work with abuse/assault trauma to provide individual counseling sessions as well as a variety of groups for survivors. Each client has unique needs and the therapist and client working together will determine if individual counseling, group counseling, or a combination of both is the best fit. In some cases, a client may also be referred to outside providers.

To access individual counseling, please contact our office to schedule an intake appointment: (435) 628-0458.

DOVE Center Survivors’ Support Group

Format: Open Group, open to all genders. English and Spanish speaking.
Day: Weekly on Thursday
Location: For location and more details please call 435-628-0458

Moving Forward Support Group

Moving Forward: A Free Support Group for Survivors of Sexual Assault
This group is to provide a respectful and encouraging space for sexual assault survivors to give and receive support by sharing lived experiences. We focus on understanding the impact of sexual trauma on our personal healing and how we can feel empowered to advocate for our needs moving forward.
Format: Closed Group
Length: 8 weeks
Location: Please contact us for address, dates and times
Clients who are interested in this group will need to complete group intake with one of the facilitators prior to attending the group.
Please contact or call 435-628-0458 to schedule an intake.
Facilitators: Carly Parsons, CSW, and Torrey Sullivan, Sexual Assault Program Coordinator

Weekly Teen Survivor Support Group

1 in 9 girls under the age of 18 experience sexual abuse or assault at the hands of an adult. 

For more information regarding a weekly support group for female teen survivors of sexual abuse/assault (approx. ages 14-17), please contact the Washington County Children’s Justice Center: (435) 256-6349 .

Teen Caregiver Support Group

For non-offending parents and caregivers of teens who have been sexually abused/assaulted.

For more information, please contact the Washington County Children’s Justice Center: (435) 256-6349