DOVE receives 1st UNA credential badge

by | Apr 30, 2019 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

DOVE Center has been awarded the Leadership & Organizational Credential Badge through UNA’s Nonprofit Organizational Credential program. Utah Nonprofits Association only awards badges to organizations that have proven best practices, and we are proud to be among the 6 other organizations to have received this recognition.

To acheive this badge, DOVE leaders took part in various interactive trainings which helped us to develop and elevate leadership principles, strategic planning, and managing organizational growth (which, let’s be real, DOVE has seen A LOT of in these past few years!)

The program also prompted us to review and revise our organizational culture (mission/vision). We are always looking towards the future and searching for opportunites like these to solidify who we are and who we serve. Thank you to UNA for being such a strong leader and creating growth opportunities like these for non-profits all over the state.

You can find our rating on Utah Nonprofits Association here and explore our website for more information about us.