A Letter of Thanks for Your Support

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At the end of each fiscal year we provide a report to inform donors, volunteers, and community members about our current financial position and funding sources, and highlight the year’s accomplishments. Below is a short letter of thanks from our Executive Director and Board of Trustees President that was included in our Annual Report. To view the entire report, click here.

Each and every day we all make choices that may have lasting implications. At DOVE Center, our choices are focused on presenting our clients with opportunities and tools that help them break the cycle of violence and abuse to keep moving forward toward independence, safety, and peace.

You have chosen to support DOVE Center, for which we are humbly grateful. Because you chose to connect with us, you have become a voice in the community that encourages others to get involved. Widespread community involvement facilitates our ability to reach individuals and families affected by domestic and sexual violence. Your support helps survivors reclaim life, dignity, and self-worth. Again, we thank you.

Our combined choices have created a year of growth and expansion. We are serving more clients throughout their survivor journey, at more locations than ever before. This year we created a sustainable program in Kanab, allowing easier access for local survivors. We added transitional housing at Erin’s House to provide the necessary bridge between emergency shelter and self-sufficiency. We are supporting clients with lessons in personal care, life skills, and financial literacy to strengthen the foundation on which they can build as they continue to grow and change their lives.

Our community reach has grown as well. Through our blog, social media, editorials, and community presentations more people are hearing our story, which has increased donations, community involvement, and volunteer hours. Support from business leaders, local governments, police departments, and area schools and churches continues to grow, underlining the relevance of our message. This increased visibility accelerates our ability to reach survivors in our community.

Facing domestic and sexual violence alone can be overwhelming. But your support strengthens the safety net for survivors and improves our ability to present opportunities that help them make new choices that will change their lives forever. Your embrace of DOVE Center contributes to a cultural shift with lasting implications, made possible by your choice to believe survivors. For that, we thank you.