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The DOVE Center's mission is to build a community of peace one person, one family, and one home at a time. We strive to do this by providing safe, caring and confidential shelter and advocacy and support for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and reducing the incidents of abuse through prevention education.

The DOVE Center was incorporated as a 501(c) 3 in April of 1993 by concerned community citizens, leaders, and business owners, including the Department of Human Services, the County Commissioner's Office, and city council members and is owned by the Board of Trustees. The DOVE House in its entirety was built with the contributions of the community. The land was provided by the City of St. George. The DOVE Center and all associated service provisions were located in its original facility that was built in 1994. In December of 2010, a second facility was established to provide outreach, advocacy, and counseling for people who are victims, or were victimized in the past, and are in need of services, but do not need safe shelter.

The two DOVE Center facilities are located in the city of St. George. One facility is a safe shelter for women and children who are vulnerable because of their need to flee an unsafe home, which is now referred to as the DOVE House. The DOVE House is licensed to accommodate 24 women and children. It is approximately 4,000 square feet and is housed with six bedrooms, which have four beds each, four full baths and one half bath, a full kitchen, a living area, two laundry facilities, a group room, an indoor and outdoor play area, and covered outdoor seating. Two bedrooms and one bath are handicapped accessible. Located within the shelter are staff offices that allow us to provide 24-hour advocacy, case management and counseling. There is also a donation storage room.

The DOVE Center has continually provided safe shelter along with a limited amount of outreach services to victims of domestic and sexual violence since it first opened its doors over 20 years ago. Service provisions and community collaboration have increased over the past years to provide much-needed community resources to facilitate the creation of safe self-dependence. In December 2010, the Board of Trustees felt it was essential to establish a separate facility for victims of domestic and sexual violence who were not in need of safe shelter. With this new facility, in combination with the DOVE house, we were able to provide long-term services to those who had previously needed safe shelter. We continue to provide domestic violence and rape recovery advocacy as well consultation and prevention education. With this new facility, we are now able to offer free counseling, youth programs, support groups, healthy life skills class, and community education and training.

We believe in providing our community the opportunity to assist our neighbors who are in need. Today, through tough economic times, we are finding the need for more services for women and children in our community, and much-needed funds are not easy to obtain. The DOVE Center is a private, non-profit 501(c) 3 and is only partially funded by private, state, and federal grants. The DOVE Center counts on at least 25% of its funding to come from cash contributions by individuals, organizations, and businesses.

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